Patient Testimonials

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To our balance specialist, Tom's diagnosis was crystal clear.

Tom Kelly, president of Kelly Box & Packaging, began exhibiting occasional dizziness.  If Tom tipped his head in certain ways, he was dizzy for several minutes afterwards, making his daily functions difficult for him. His physician referred Tom to Ear, Nose & Throat Associates.

At ENT, Tom was examined by one of our top balance specialists who confirmed the problem. Tom was suffering from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), a condition caused by crystals of calcium carbonate that collect within the inner ear. The ENT specialist was able to successfully resolve the condition through a series of physical therapy maneuvers that moved the crystals out of the affected canal. The patient was able to return to his normal, balanced life.



A new ENT treatment “Balloon Sinuplasty” relieved Joan’s chronic sinus problem.

Sinus relief is here with a breakthrough technology. For weeks, Joan was coughing and sneezing, tired, achy, and having severe headaches. Joan suffered from chronic sinusitis and it was hindering her quality of life.

At ENT, Joan was examined by one of our physicians who recommended a new, minimally invasive technology for treating chronic sinus obstruction called Balloon Sinuplasty. This new technology uses an FDA-cleared balloon catheter to dilate a blocked sinus opening, without tissue or bone removal in most cases. This new catheter-based endoscopic sinus surgery reduces bleeding, improves recovery time, is minimally invasive and available at Ear, Nose & Throat Associates.



Allergy relief was just what Andy was looking for to make the grade.

When Andy suffered from allergies, his grades suffered too. Andy was sneezing, tired, and suffering from headaches while trying to make good grades in college. Nasal allergies made it hard for Andy to concentrate and study.  His grades began to suffer the consequences.

At ENT, Andy was examined by one of our allergy physicians who recommended allergy testing to find out which allergens were causing his reactions. Immunotherapy (allergy shots) were recommended and started two weeks after testing. These shots caused Andy’s body to form antibodies which helped make him less sensitive when exposed to offending allergens.

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